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    Old Harry, The Magdalen Islands (Iles de la Madeleine), Quebec, Canada.

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    | Historic Prague houses  | by Peter Gutierrez

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    Today is La Tomatina, Let’s hope everybody has some good tomatoey fun!



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    | Cathedral & Town Square - Lviv, Ukraine  |  by Ferry Vermeer

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    | Historic Prague houses  | by Peter Gutierrez

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       Fraserburgh lies at the extreme northeast corner of Aberdeenshire, which is a unitary council (something like a county) that lies in northeast Scotland. (Scotland is divided into 32 designated council areas.) Aberdeenshire is the locus of a large number of Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites, BTW. So hurry on up there with your trowel and dig, or satiate your sea lust with the marshmallow-spun turquoise foam of the North Sea crashing around the harbour lighthouse. (T. Keith Bruce beautyineverything)

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    | Street car in Market Square - Lviv, Ukraine  |  by Ferry Vermeer

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    there’s always a siren singing you to shipwreck…

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